Name Unified Service Co., Ltd.
Board of Directors Representative Director and Chairman Eiji Uda
  Representative Director and President Mitsutoshi Hirono
  Director and Vice President Osamu Naruse
  Director and Chief Strategy Officer Haruhiko Matsushima
  Director Koji Tsubota
  Director Hideya Ishino VP Mercuria Investment
Head Office 5-1-9 Shinbashi Minato Tokyo
Ginsen Shimbashi No2. Bldg. 8F
105-0004 Japan
Phone +81 3-5472-7310
FAX +81 3-5472-7312
Founded April 2004
Capital 77.7 million yen
Major Business Area
  1. Solution for Electrip Power distribution
  2. Solution for Enterprise Portal leveraging on premise, private cloud and public cloud
  3. Solution for Home Healthcare
  4. Value add distribution service for start up US copanies