Eiji Uda Founder, Representative Director and Chairman


When company was launched in 2004, the word of " cloud " did not exsit, nor salesforce.com and Google both before stock listing and iPhone and iPad did not exist At that time,. in the near future, IT service for enterprise via broadband at the time It is time for many companies to coexist with existing systems of the company and today's cloud service and it is time to think that it is necessary to have an enterprise portal as a necessary function at that time, called Unified Service I have developed the foundation with company name. In recent years, its portal business is used by about 20,000 SMEs. In addition, it is stable operation even for cases of use by tens of thousands of . At that time, I think in the near future, IT service for enterpsei with broadbanc will grow and many enterprise system will be hybrid of on premise and cloud. For coming that age, we started Unified Service which is foundation of enter prise portal solucion.After the decade, portal user for SMB comes more than 2million user and on premise for large enter prise has started.

From last year, the business is restructured as solution for electric power distribution, public sector, portal and healthcare . CIS for electric power distribution is on the move and come to one of the major solution offering in the company.

Cloud computins is already ubiquitos, and next leading edge technology is IoT, AI and voice recognition, and now early adapter started to use
Technology before 1995 is to solve the issue in the company, but now the technology is to solve social problem. We are standing on that concept and develop the solution to solve social problem with leading edge technology
Also we leverage our effort with other company to launch new business. Enginner is essential in this business and welcome the engineer who think technology should solve the social problem

I do appreciate all of your cooperation

Mitsutoshi Hirono Representative Director and President


In the coming decade, the world is about to change drastically.
In order to deal with social problems such as global warming, aging, food crisis, it is very critical to diversify the new global market, life style balance.

Especially in Japan, move from legacy system toward 2020 is very important, but if not speed up to realize the customer need which dramatically change globally. County itself may lose the market in global space.

In order to respond to such a dramatic change in the world, the company launched cloud services by industry such as energy, public and healthcare from the beginning of 2004 and utilize it for many customers I have come.

In future, I would like to actively develop new cloud services to new areas such as sports events without being concerned with conventional common sense.

As a better partner for everyone, we will open up a new future.