Eiji Uda Founder, Representative Director and Chairman

Company is establised in 2004, and now we are moving toward next stage.

Our core business is industrial cloud ( electric power area and healthcare area) and Enterprise portal arena . Customer information system (CIS)for electric power distribution has been growing and now one of the core business of the company.

Currently AI speaker is selected as next generation technology. We align YEXT(NYSE) for this area who offer most advanced technology in this area. YEXT is rapidly growing by theis soltuion which they display enterprise data accurately on the map and distribute many data publisher in the world. This is new solution in digital marketing and SEO.

We also alighn ZUORA in subscription area and Ducusign in  electric signiture area. Those technology solve current social problem.  We try to solve industrial issue and social problem using those new technology. We think to generate new business with other IT partner. We recruite many engineer to enable our vision to solve industrial problem with new IT technology.

Eiji Uda

Mitsutoshi Hirono, Representative Director and President

In the coming decade, the world is about to change drastically.
In order to deal with social problems such as global warming, aging and food crisis, it is very critical to diversify global market, life style balance.
Especially in Japan, move from legacy system toward 2020 is very important, but if not speed up to realize the customer need which dramatically globally. County itself may lose the market in global space.
In order to respond to such a dramatic change in the world, the company launched cloud services by industry such as energy, public and healthcare from many customers I have come.
In future, I would like to actively develop new cloud services to new areas such as SDGs without being concerned with conventional common sense.
As a better partner for everyone, we will open up a new future.

Mitsutoshi Hirono