Privacy policy

Here is our policy for personal information protection

Our principle for personal information protection

Unified Service offers Social community portal solution, Cloud integration solution, Electric power distribution support system. The personal information obtained in above solutions is very important information for us and our mission to protect those data.

We regulate ourselves under the following policy to protect personal information and we obligated to our employee and customer for data protection. We offer “SAFE” service as our social responsibility.


1.Obtain, use and offer of personal information

  • We obtain persona information legally and fair.
  • We offer the personal information within the appropriate purpose.
  • We ask consent when offer personal information to the third party.
  • We do not use personal information other than the agreed purpose and we will take appropriate action.
  • When we need to user personal information other than the agree purpose, we will process again for other purpose.

2.Regarding law and government specified rules

We will catch any change of law and government specified rules regarding personal information protection and educate employee to comply those rules.

3.Safety management of personal information

  • We built adequate organization to keep personal information safe to avoid the risk of leak, erase or damage.
  • We periodically audit our organization and if any violation or accident reveals, we correct immediately and take preventive action.
  • We regularly educate our employee.

4.Complaint and consultation

We specify the contact for complaint and consultation and react any complaint and consultation speedy and with good faith.


  • We regulally monitor and check our internal system and do our best effort to find out the weak point of the system. Corporate management review those results and take action to fix any problems.
  • Our improvement comply law, government regulation and JISQ 15001

Date April 1 2014
Revised December 28, 2016
Mitsutoshi Hirono
Representative Director and President, Unified Service corporation