Unisrv offers community portal integrated by cloud system with Liferay which is global No1 open source enterprise portal software. Unisrv integrate your existing public cloud, private cloud and on premise system.

Replace to intuitive screen image enables you same function in smartphone.

Reduce the complexity of enterprise portal with several systems.

existing system

  • User operation for several system is not easy for users
  • need to remember each password for each system
  • Each department deeply their own system lose total control by system department
  • Operation cost is high to manage existing system, intranet system and cloud system mix
  • System department cannot manage total scope of system may lead information security risk

Next generation system usage

  • Easy operation for every user.
  • System flexibility is required to speedy company operation. System architecture should be low cost, flexibility and easy enhancement. Introduction of port and cloud is key to success.
  • Cloud service lower the maintenance cost of system department. Portal enables speedy system change with keeping the security.

Unisrv integrate multiple cloud service and on premise system and accessibility for each individual user ca be managed by organization or employee.

Single sign-on

  • Unisrv can integrate several system which has its own identifications

Access control

  • You can access right setting for each content (portlets).
  • you can access right setting by each organization and also job title.


  • You can set up a separate screen for each organization.
  • You can set group for hierarchical organization as well as temporally organization.

Personalized correspondence

  • You can set up a separate screen for each individual.

set each function as system part

  • It corresponds to the international standards-compliant portlets provisions (JSR168, JSR286, etc.)
  • Portlet development is possible which is independent to platform

Portal Service


A portal service that was used as the engine Liferay will provide with the name "Unisrv".

Unisrv + cloud


Unisrv will integrate build a public cloud and on-premises system to the base.

Data integration service
Unisrv Loader


Uniserve loader can import from multiple cloud service.



We offer consulting service if customer introduce Liferay

Introduction support


We can support when introduce Liferay from set up to training

Custom application development


We can develop Liferay base customer application for your needs.

Operative maintenance


We provide the maintenance of Liferay of operations and Core App and custom apps.

Liferay + OpenAM


We offer construction of Liferay and unification authentication system OpenAM.

Liferay + OpenIDM


We offer the construction of Liferay and integrated ID management system OpenIDM.